So I put it all down.. its been a bad day and it seem some people

just don't get it.

Sunny is registered with http://www.usservicedogregistry.org/lookup_details.php?id=1249959026

some of what Sunny knows(I did not teach him tricks);

sit up
Wait- THis will ask him to wait for me if hes offleash, it also halts what ever hes doing.
go around-Asks him to go to my other side or if wrapped up, to walk around the object
Otherway-asks him to go around in the oppisite direction hes walking.
walk on-releases him from "wait" or asks him to walk ahead of me
all the way(chin on paws)
go back
load up(to get in the van)
get it
leave it
Watch(asks him to watch a person, this is for when someone makes me nervous, he will alert me to any movement by that person so I don't have to keep a watch, no one notices when a dog stares)
go faster(asks him to speed up his pace)
move over
get in the back
Find him(looks for Tak)
Where are you supposed to be(heel)
Couch(sends him to his pet bed)
go to bed(sends him to his kennel)

Commands with hand signals(we are working more on these)
all the way
go to bed
under-asks him to lay under a table.

Reactions to situations
I stay in bed beyond normal- He will wake me by rearing up on the side of the bed and bopping me or the bed with a paw.

When medicine knocks me out(see above) plus he will bark when someone comes to the door(he does NOT bark if I am awake)

When I become stressed, He will alert me that its happening by bumping my hand with his head, If I ignore him he will be more insistent and be more persistent in getting my attention.

When I am depressed, he will 1st ask me to get up. If I ignore him he becomes more insistent and will bring toys to me.

He is learning to bring my medicine bottle to me.He has the concept down but still needs work.

He has helped me over come agorophobia and is helping me over come social anxiety. He has helped me relearn how to interact with people over the past few years as from 1999-2005 I was a literal shut in. I went no where and I stayed in my home and in my room. He encourages me to interact which is easy as people love to meet the dog, even if they don't care about me.

He identifies and reacts to my stress in social situations by giving me a way to politely exit the situation. I can only take so much of people and then I cannot handle them anymore.

Sunny is too small to do some of the tasks I need of him but hes so good in all the other areas that I wouldn't have any other dog beside me. IN the future once Sunny is gone I will look towards a larger breed, one who will be able to pull a chair and support me. Its something I will have to think of as early symptoms (testing is still in the works) that I may have MS, certainly Neurological problems have begun with the trigeminal neuralgia setting in.

What am I already diagnosed with;
16 yrs post liver transplant
osteo arthritis
rheumatoid arthritis
Auto-immune hepatitis
bi-polar/manic depression
post traumatic stress disorder
trigeminal neuralgia
post herpatic neuralgia
cluster headaches
irritable bowel syndrome
abdominal hernia(irrepairable)
short term memory loss
chronic fatigue
social anxiety/panic

Before the Neurontin most of the time I was in and out of a chair but more often on and off crutches.I will be receiving radiation therapy for the Trigeminal and they will begin tapering my neurontin. I expect more manic episodes and more time on crutches once again as the drug does more than turn pain into numbness.

Sunny will be retired when he can no longer work and I will look into getting another dog to train(or get one already trained as I do not know how to train things like bracing. More than likely a larger breed that will be able to pull a chair or support me if I become shaky.
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Im so sick of it.

And Tak wonders why I'm not thrilled about going to MFM, like others who are bringing their service dogs I posted sayign I was to and added a couple of "don't" requests.. All I did was simply ask the suiters not to be up in Sunnys face and what happens? I get attacked. I'm so sick of it and am now inclined to stay home. I'm tired of having to defend myself and my dog.
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harry potter and other things

It was ok, not my fave of the lot. I won't say anymore so theres no spoilers. also anyone who wishes to keep tabs on me may wanna friend my savaaha lj as I seem to be using it more these days. One of my weird mental shift things. Im taking interest in other things than furry but Im not dropping my furry friends.
a twist of the weird, someone from one of the vegetarian ljs spotted me at the movies. They recognized me from my lj profile pic. Ive since left the veg ljs due to horrific drama issues but this person seems pretty cool and more importantly sane.

Hee hee

Tak and I went to Olive garden for dinner. We found we could have the wheat noodles. The Alfredo was phenomenal. The brushetta was pretty darn good too. A little price but anniversaries only once once a year.

I sent Fait a pic of a spider over IM. I heard him scream all the way across the house.. He hates spiders.

It was funny :D
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A lost friend

I woke up this morning to having lost a friend. I never ment to hurt her and there were alot of misunderstanding on my part. I thought I was helping by not sending her more work to do, I guess I was wrong. I sent her ponies to custom and sell. I didn't care about getting anything for them, it was my idea she could sell them to help with money.she asked for a list of trade ponies, I didn't care about that, its why I never gave a list to begin with.
this seems the week I screw everything up.
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Went to the ER tonight about a sore on my shoulder. It had been a pimple I think but it ulcerated. I tried to clean it out like I was shown to do with such wounds but the angle was such I couldn't reach it right. I went into let them clean it out. They didn't do anything but look at it and say it looks "Staphish" WTF either its staph or its not. They gave me a script for bactrim(which I already had and had started taking this morning) and for some shit to put up my nose. I'm not bothering with the nose shit, Ive had full blown staph and they never gave me that so I'm not worrying about it now.

When the hell did staphish become a word, much less a diagnosis? Right now I have goldenseal and honey on it to help with killing the infection.
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